The power of an effective online presence

A lot of people see social media as a place to post pretty pictures. It is so much more than that. If used correctly, it’s an excellent marketing tool. It’s a place to grow your community, create a sense of trust and boost brand engagement through the creation of exciting (and eye-catching, curated) content, collaborations, ambassadorship etc.

A well-run brand needs a strong online strategy. What you post, how often, how you reply, whether you repost pics – these are all vital elements that a social media strategist can help you with. I look at what a brand/business is trying to achieve as one can align business and social goals. These goals are measurable: for example, one can target the reach you want or the amount of likes/comments you’d like to achieve. Your web searchability and ranking is a direct measure of the effectiveness of your SEO optimisation and online presence.

What I’ll help you do

I offer content design and copy for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest management. I’ll also setup/maintain your WordPress or SquareSpace website and your presence on Google My Business, TripAdvisor and LinkedIn.

Let’s do this

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