We moved Ben to a big bed this weekend. He’d been waking and trying to get out of his cot so I figured it was time. Apparently it varies from child to child and some kids only move closer to 3.5 years old. You know your kid, so follow their cues. The first night – bliss! He slept through! After that, a few rather hairy nights ensued. After a lot of love and reassurance, he seems to be back in routine and loving his new setup! Heres what we did to make this transition easier:

We moved his cot without him seeing us doing it (Thanks for the tip, Scary Mommy!) and set up his whole new room. We then showed it to him and told him how cool it was. I had bought some new decor and linen with him. He was very proud of it and we spent time snuggling and exploring. This bed had been in his room for a while so it wasn’t completely new.

We didn’t completely change his room. He still has his car pillow, toys etc. The new bed is in the same place as the old one.

We bought a great bed rail from Baby City.

We reinstalled our baby gate. Now he can wander around his room, but not the house. We know his room is toddler safe!

We kept it positive. Any time in his bed by himself was a win. If he woke at night, I climbed into bed with him. He didn’t get to climb into bed with us, but he had me there as a comfort in his own space.

The first few nights were spent cuddling to sleep together. I then changed tactics and did the bedtime routine – bath, story, chat, high five, kiss etc but left him to fall asleep on his own, telling him I was right there in the next room if he needed me.

We also often read a lovely story about a little rabbit who cuddles up to sleep in his own bed. Ben loves this story and snores along as I read.