Last year, we headed back to Singapore and Batam for 2 weeks. This was a trip with a difference!

Tim was already in South Korea on business, and we were to join him in Singapore… this meant a SOLO flight… with a TODDLER! I was petrified!

It went super well! How? Read on and see what items I could not have done without!

1. A Plane Pal

This little device is a lifesaver! It comes in a tiny bag which is easy to transport. It takes about a minute to set up and under 30 seconds to deflate. Ben used it for the entire flight. No sore legs, no fussing, ample space for toys. And best of all, LOADS OF SLEEP as it is the perfect size for a toddler bed. This nifty pillow can be used on almost all airlines and works in normal seats and those that are in the bulk head area of the plane too!

I bought mine here – super fast delivery and excellent service.

2. A toddler backpack with lead

Before I had kids, I used to laugh at the need for a lead. Fast forward a few years… and I had changed my tune. It is impossible to successfully navigate airports quickly and calmly without one of these! Ben was able to walk when he needed to – toddlers don’t do prams 24/7 and I had the peace of mind to know that he was close by and safe. This also worked well on the busy streets of Singapore as Mr Toddler was not content to be pushed around all day!

I bought this super cute monster backpack!

3. TOYS, TOYS and more toys!

I like toys that are mess-free and compact. Some of my favourite are:

– Melissa & Doug Water Wow Books – Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad – Matchbox cars – Story books that have flaps, such as Postman Bear

Our favourite airline, by far, is Singapore Airlines. They have an amazing toddler pack and their kiddy meals are amazing.

I also pack light. Ben and I in the same bag, and one small carry on. I make sure that nappies, toys and food are all contained in separate small bags within my carry on so that they are easy to locate in a poop or snack related crisis!