I guess starting a blog when your toddler is 20 months old is only slightly slack, right?!

I’m going to use this site as a way to document our time together – the ups, the downs and the amazing adventures we go on and create each day. I’d also like to go back and look at pregnancy, life with a newborn, our approach to solids – what worked, what didn’t.

I’ve joined www.adventuresclubs.com as a leader so expect to see lots of activities and outings. I’ve recently quit my job. I used to work from home, creating educational content for an iPad based schooling system. I also did some moderating on the side. I’m currently taking time to figure myself out… at 30 years of age I feel like there’s something more to me. Who am I? What do I want from life? I LOVE being a mom – and I want to do that with all of my heart and energy. But, what else can I do alongside this? How can the two marry? Is my place still in education? Who knows? But I’m certainly going to try enjoy this time of questing and questioning as I spend time with my beautiful boy.

Luckily my amazing husband is so supportive of where I am. I’ll be chatting more about how I got to this point in a future post.